Vorlage:LöschenC & C Market Research, Inc (founded 1985) is an American advertising and market research field service and data collection firm based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. C & C Market Research filled for incorporation in 1993. At the end of 2007, the company owned and operated 28 locations across the United States.

Company historyBearbeiten

C & C Market Research was founded after the mutual seperation of Craig and Cynthia Cunningham from thier partners Paul, Mary, and Roberta Cunningham at Cuningham Field Services. C & C Market Research was then formed with a core set of offices at Kansas City, MO, Tulsa, OK, and Fort Smith, AR.

What is a market research field service firm Bearbeiten

Field service, in this article, is a term used to identify a market research firm that specilizes in data collection. According to the MRA a data collection field service firm is "A Company that specializes in the collection of observations from marketing research studies. Companies can concentrate on different techniques such as mail surveys, telephone surveys or personal in home surveys."

C & C Market Research particularly concentrates on face to face interviewing in shopping mall locations.

Advancements in survey technologyBearbeiten

In 2006 C & C worked with HigherLogix to complete the "C & C Interpreter". This program pioneered mall to web survey technology in its successful effort to conduct survey work in multiple remote locations (American shopping malls), while staying accessible in a nationally networked location.


C & C Market Research is a member of the following market research associations:

  • MRA *Cynthia Cunningham was president of the 1995 Atlanta/Southeast chapter of the MRA
  • AMA
  • ARF Exhibitor

Second LifeBearbeiten

C & C Market Research exists in Second Life at the region ResearchCentral

Currently in beta development at ResearchCentral, is the SurveyHUD!. The SurveyHUD!, when completed will be the first completly 3D, animated, texture based survey program, and the only wearable survey program in Second Life.

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